The ICGLR LMRC Research Reports Series present results of operational researches and policy analysis carried out by the LMRC to inform the policy making processes and ensure sharing of experiences and best practice among stakeholders in the Great Lakes Region. This is part of its mandate as a scientific and technical organ of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). The studies are conducted using participatory approaches, through collaboration with researchers and policy institutes based in Member States as well as organisation of regional validation workshops to discuss research finds before their publication. Thus the LMRC contributes to the dialogue on complex issues of governance, public and development policies and facilitates identification of relevant policy recommendations to address existing challenges.

The following LMRC Research Reports have been published:

ICGLR LMRC. 2016. Addressing Challenges of Natural Resource Governance in the Great Lakes Region: Status of the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in ICGLR Member States. LMRC, Lusaka. (English).

ICGLR LMRC. 2016. Relever les défis de la gouvernance des ressources naturelles dans la Région des Grands Lacs. Etat de la mise en œuvre de l’ITIE dans les Etats membres de la CIRGL. LMRC, Lusaka. (French).

ICGLR LMRC. 2014. Youth Unemployment in Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo: A challenge for the States and Societies. Research Report n°1, LMRC, Lusaka. (English).

ICGLR LMRC. 2014. Le chômage des Jeunes en Angola, au Burundi, en Centrafrique, en République démocratique du Congo et en République du Congo. Un défi pour les Etats et les sociétés.Rapport de recherche n°1, LMRC, Lusaka. (French).

ICGLR LMRC. 2014.  Youth Unemployment in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia: A challenge for the States and Societies. Research Report n°2, LMRC, Lusaka. (English).

ICGLR LMRC. 2014. Le chômage des Jeunes au Kenya, au Rwanda, au Soudan du Sud, au Soudan, en Tanzanie, en Ouganda et en Zambie. Un défi pour les Etats et les sociétés. Rapport de recherche n°2, LMRC, Lusaka. (French).

Our Mission

To reinforce the capacities of social and political institutions of ICGLR Member States in the areas of Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights and Civic Education.

Our Approach

Operational Research and Analysis to Inform Policy Making Processes; Capacity Building and Training; Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies and Practices; Facilitating multi-actor Dialogue and Knowledge Banking and Dissemination.

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