Brazzaville, 8th October, 2017: The opening ceremony of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) meeting of Financial Experts from Member States took place today 8th October, 2017 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

The expert meeting precedes series of meeting towards the Summit of ICGLR Heads of States and Government on 19th October, themed “Fast-Tracking the Implementation of the Pact to Ensure Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region”.

During the opening ceremony the Deputy Executive Secretary Ambassador Vincente Muanda who spoke on behalf of the Executive Secretary Ambassador Zachary Muburi-Muita, reaffirmed the ICGLR Secretariat and its Centre’s determination to live up to its mandate as stipulated in the Pact and count on expert’s technical support in considering both the budget and the audit reports.

On his part, Ambassador Jean Felix Makome who made a statement on behalf of the Republic of Congo National Coordinator reminded the experts that, the Dar es Salaam Declaration puts in the hands of the Member States Financial Experts the responsibility to provide technical expertise in the management of financial matters of the ICGLR.

The experts received a 2018/19 consolidated draft operational budget earmarked for recurrent expenditure and the report of the Special Fund for Reconstruction and Development (SFRD) purely funded for Programs and projects which apparently has not been replenished for several years.

The experts meeting will be followed by the meeting of Chiefs of Intelligence and Chiefs of Defence Staff/Forces on 9th and 10th October respectively and the Committee of Ministers of Defence of the ICGLR Member States on 11th October who will receive the reports from the meetings of the  Chiefs of Intelligence and Chiefs of Defence Staff/Forces.

The Regional Inter-Ministerial Committee (RIMC) meeting comprising Ministers of Foreign Affairs will hold its meeting on 15th  to 16th  October preceded by the meeting of ICGLR National Coordinators on 13th  to 14th  October.

During the Summit, the Republic of Congo will take over the ICGLR Chairmanship from the Republic of Angola. The ICGLR Troika is also expected to be reactivated.



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