The purpose of the Capacity Building and Training Programme is to strengthen Public Institutions as well as Civil Society and Private Sector Organizations and promote accountable leadership for an active and effective national and regional engagement in the promotion of peace, security, democratic governance and human rights.

Strengthening ICGLR Regional Fora

ICGLR has the following Regional Fora:

  • Regional Multi-functional Youth Forum;
  • Regional Women Forum;
  • Regional Civil Society Forum;
  • Regional Forum of Parliaments.

ICGLR Regional Fora have a mandate to contribute to the implementation of the Pact on Security, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region and the Centre is mandated to facilitate and support their operations. The Programme is currently focusing on support towards the setting up of the ICGLR Regional Multi-functional Youth Forum (RMYF) Secretariat and two key activities have since been conducted towards that goal.

  • The establishment of the Regional Multi-functional Youth Forum Headquarters organised by the RMYF, and the Government of Kenya at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha, Kenya from 23rd to 26th March, 2015.
  • The Executive Director and a the Programme Assistant for Training and Capacity Building attended and contributed actively to the meeting of ICGLR Youth Forum Executive Committee at Sagana Getaway Resort, in Nairobi, Kenya from 12th to 16th April 2015. The workshop aimed at adopting and endorsing the concept note, strategic plan, budget, action and work plan of the establishment of the RYF Secretariat. This marked an important milestone into the establishment and operationalisation of the Youth Forum Secretariat. The Regional Centre is currently playing a technical role in the establishment of the ICGLR Youth Forum Secretariat as per its mandate.

Our Mission

To reinforce the capacities of social and political institutions of ICGLR Member States in the areas of Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights and Civic Education.

Our Approach

Operational Research and Analysis to Inform Policy Making Processes; Capacity Building and Training; Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies and Practices; Facilitating multi-actor Dialogue and Knowledge Banking and Dissemination.

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